Kiwi bristles clean sorter

Kiwi bristles clean sorter

Product description:

This is a set of kiwi brush to the hair and sorting size class production line, kiwi by scrub brush to the hair and blowers to dry, can be effectively stripped of kiwi skin hair, high efficiency does not hurt the fruit, to the hair after kiwi by conveyer belt dual-channel automatic docking on election fruit machine fruit, kiwi automatically by conveyor belts to transport election fruit machine sorting grade size, high degree of automation of this equipment, easy to use, saving manpower and resources to improve the quality of kiwi fruit, thereby increasing the kiwi market value and competitiveness.

Multifunction kiwi bristle hair equipment and technical parameters to automatically select the kiwi fruit machine:

Epilation speed: 1.5 tons kiwi / hour;

Sorting Rating: 8 (including a stage outside);

Sorting range: 10g-2000g;

Sorting Speed: 17000-18000 pieces / hour (1.5-2 tons kiwi / hour);

Sorting Accuracy: ± 2g

Rated power: 4kw;

Operating Voltage; 380V / 220V;

Sorting method: Weighing;

Equipment Dimensions: length 1600 12,000 * width * height 1400mm;

Weight: 1400Kg;

NOTE: You can produce different specifications according to user requirements alone hair removal machine, or one of the models shed sorting.