Automatic double apple bagging machine

Automatic double apple bagging machine

Product description:

GDJ-DS-6 single double sticky end multi-functional fruit bag machine

Bag production speed: 360 - 400 pcs / min (available with printed bags trademark)

We can produce single, the double black sticky bottom paper bag;

Supporting power: 0.75KW

Bag production Spec: Adjustable

Stand-alone operation: 2

Degree of automation: automatic pocket ligation; automatic counting; automatic discharge bags; automatic sizing; automatic trademark printing; disposable bags;

Dimensions: 3600 * 1000 * 1000mm

Weight: 700kg

For the processing of apples, pears, peaches, kiwi, loquat, lemon, orange and other citrus fruits single or double bagging.

Features: 1, the machine uses the whole bearing structure, equipment operation and more stable, shaft wear, longer machine life; unique technology breaks, breaks more compact, lower noise; high degree of automation equipment, automatic inlay wire, automatic sizing, automatic counting, one into the bag, easy to operate, saving time and effort, the machine Bag production speed, the bags neatly complete, high overall efficiency. advanced automatic heat sealing system, making paper and film automatic mutual intact binding.

2; Kay-cheung fruit bag forming machine Bag production principle advanced technology; strong ability to adapt to all types of paper; manufacture fruit bag Size accuracy; bag body smooth and beautiful: a reasonable sizing system and insert wire system designed to ensure that fruit bag securely bonded complete not a plastic, silk cuff does not appear out of the drain wire wire phenomenon; good device stability, ease of operation, Bag production speed, good quality, high yield of a machine, using a wide range of easy to move. , easy maintenance 3, advanced design, steel structure, strong and beautiful;. low power consumption, easy to use.

Delivery: I am responsible for contact with local logistics from delivery truck to you, after you check the goods to machine no collision damage, the driver can pay the freight.

Suitable for: fruit and vegetable cultivation professional cooperatives, fruit planting base, fruit processing plants, growers, orchards, fruit bag plant, fruit and vegetable preservation, fruit cold storage, fruit processing companies, supermarkets and other fruits and vegetables.