Grape automatic bagging machine manufacturers

Grape automatic bagging machine manufacturers

Product description:

GDJ-D-P1's most advanced automatic bagging machine type grape bag

Bag production speed: 200-300 / min (with printed trademark, with the robot)

Supporting power: 1.5kW (220V single-phase power can be used instead)

Produce bags Specifications: Bag production length size adjustable

Degree of automation: with automatic discharge bag; bag automatic ligation; automatic counting; automatic sizing; automatic trademark printing function; disposable bags;

You may also need to install the automatic drilling according to customer, automatic feeding system;

Stand-alone operation: 2

Dimensions: 4.5 * 1.1 * 1.2 m

Weight: 900kg

For processing a variety of grape bags, bags loquat, pomegranate fruit bagging bags.

Product Features: Easy to learn, operability strong electric automatic paper, robot pick up bags, electronic mechanical counting, with the bags tidy, accurate counting, save manpower, high efficiency of the machine adopts the international advanced inverter. technology and electromagnetic brake system that can be converted into a 220-volt household lighting, electricity, more safe, convenient, energy-saving, noise reduction features. The machine adopts the whole bearing structure, equipment operation and more stable shaft wear, machine use and longer life. The machine uses a unique fully synchronous, dual pull, three-dimensional shape, cut bags, hanging on the glue, insert wire automatic adjustment technology, making this machine in a variety of fruit bag production molding and adaptability of the paper has been best sound, which really achieve a machine can, can produce three-dimensional grapes bags, flat grape bag, ordinary fruit bag fruit bag on the same machine, the ordinary fruit bag machine and three-dimensional fruit bag machine done the most perfect combined with particular components using special materials and special processing technology, the whole structure is stable and durable. produces a variety of two-dimensional grapes bags, knife or no knife put skill, a single three-dimensional grapes bags, knife or no knife put skill, flat grape bag, put the knife or knives and other ordinary skill specifications of fruit bag.

Delivery and Term: money to three days after delivery, the company responsible for contact with local logistics from delivery truck to you, after you check the goods to machine no collision damage, the driver can pay the freight.

Suitable for: fruit and vegetable cultivation professional cooperatives, fruit planting base, fruit processing plants, growers, orchards, fruit bag plant, fruit and vegetable preservation, fruit cold storage, fruit processing companies, supermarkets and other fruits and vegetables.