Specializing in the production of hotel folding screen | Activities cut off | rotatably foldable

Specializing in the production of hotel folding screen | Activities cut off | rotatably foldable

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Mobile partition is a partition at any time according to need large space into a small space or even the small space into big space, with the general function of the wall of the movable wall. Can play a versatile hall, a multi-purpose room role.

Events partition called activity walls, movable partitions, mobile partitions, track panels, mobile soundproof walls cut off activities are easy to install, reusable, can be industrial production, fire prevention, environmental protection and other features.

Activities cut off people's work to bring great convenience, such as activities of the wall, when you need it can be folded aside, the two temporarily joined the space appear larger and to facilitate the temporary sector small meetings; Another example of high activity cut off, usually our factories may be rented, for various reasons we can not help but to be replaced where this time the disadvantages of the traditional cut off easily apparent, because you can not put part of belonging to the house band away. On the contrary, the activity partition is removed, can be taken away, reconfigurable, so activity can take off another decoration in the world!

Cut off activities with high insulation, fire protection, removable, easy to operate and so on. Very suitable star hotel ballroom, upscale restaurants package, office buildings and conference rooms and other places in space intervals. At present, the activity partition, partition series products have been fixed Widely used in hotels, guesthouses, function rooms, conference rooms, banquet halls, offices, exhibition halls, office buildings, factories and other occasions.