Facial scar repair | make tomorrow's life is still beautiful

Facial scar repair | make tomorrow's life is still beautiful

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Real-life problems of food and clothing has been basically met, people began the pursuit of beauty as much as the pursuit of material, but in the fast-paced life, people face due to various reasons leave ugly scars, direct impact on people's appearance beautiful, directly or indirectly, make scar patients lose a lot of potential opportunities, serious direct impact on people's physical and mental health under the conditions of modern cosmetic industry rapid development, repair facial scars can be obtained relatively good results, so that the beauty of you Tomorrow's life is still beautiful. Below please Shanghai Armed Police Corps Hospital experts detailed scar repair it for us.

Shanghai Armed Police Corps Hospital scar repair experts, how to repair facial scars, at present, many methods to repair facial scars, specific surgical method according to the patient's facial scars, the general terms of the physical condition of the individual may be. There are depressed facial scars scars, raised scars, heal scars, keloids spontaneously, secondary type keloids, acne scars, burn scars, etc., cuts, contusion, left behind after surgery suture scars, scars can be removed after adjust the stitching to zigzag, but also for dermabrasion treatment, facial scars show more than that, treatment is not the same, therefore, specific treatment plan to the patient to the hospital face consultation, the doctor can be based on each person's specific situation making.

With advances in medical technology, the current method of repair facial scars are more common method, the skin tissue expander law suture scar removal, scar release partial reshaping surgery, compression therapy, radiation therapy, local drug treatment etc. Choose the most appropriate restoration method according to the patient's scar. United States who were selected at the time to repair facial scars plastic surgery organizations is also very important, in the confusion of plastic surgery market, choose a regular, professional, security hospital also responsible for their own health. In many hospitals, the Shanghai Armed Police and plastic surgery is the best choice for the beauty who, decades of experience repairing scars, facial scars of countless patients recover their due face.

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