Supply Morning Star Jacquard carpet

Supply Morning Star Jacquard carpet

Product description:

1 ) Acupuncture jacquard carpet production process :
Short fiber through different layout of equipment and processes into a network, after acupuncture and other processes make different fibers corresponding intertwined, entangled with the fabric normalized so that strong was soft, plump, thick, stiff, in order to achieve different thickness to meet the requirements, acupuncture forming fabric glue on the backside after drying stereotypes, trimming, roll packaging.

2 ) Features:
A, wear and corrosion resistance, high tensile strength .
B, fluffy feel full, good elasticity .
C, dry, flat, very real, the same type .

3 ) Application:
A, exhibition hall, meeting conference, festival, ceremony.
B, acoustic, noise, clean indoor air .

product code

Thickness (mm)

Width * Length (m)

Density (g / cm2)


XC-HT15 3-5 1 m -4 m * 60 m 500 Polyester Red, black and blue-gray