Supply of wool felt

Supply of wool felt

Product description:

A felt Features : industrial felt elastic, is used as a shock, sealing, noise, polished natural eco-friendly materials.
Characteristic B felt : the use of wool felt itself scales cross made ​​no warp without weft felted together, cross and strong, easy to loose, it can die-cut into various shapes of parts .
C felt better wear resistance, can be used as a polishing sewage cured material .
D Felt uses : Used for a variety of industrial aerospace, military, machinery, electronics, metallurgy, chemical, mining, vehicles and ships.
product code

Thickness (mm)

Width * Length (mm)

Density (g / cm3)

Wool content (% )

XCT112-G02 0.5-50 1000*1000 0.28-0.44g 100 white