5XJC-3 grain specific gravity separator

5XJC-3 grain specific gravity separator

Product description:

5XJC-3 grain gravity separator

1. Brief Introduction

The machine is widely used in seed processing and agricultural processing industries, which is good on cereal seeds, tree seeds, cotton seeds, oil seeds and other selected results.

It can remove blighted grain, grain with buds , moth bitten seeds, rotten seeds, black powder diease, seeds with glimes and grass seeds, sand and stones with a diameter less than 2mm.

The results will be better once the specific seeds are selected by this machine (the specific seeds mainly come from basic-wheat, corn, rice, cotton, sorghum, beans, rape, vegetables, Chinese pine, charged pine, oriental arborvitae, Locust, Spruce etc.) .


Productivity 3000 Kg/ h5000 Kg/ h
Size (L*W*H) 4000*1800*2860mm4000*1990*2880mm
Weight1000 Kg1300 Kg
Power supply380V 50Hz380V 50Hz
Total power4.18 kW6.8 kW
Air volume of fan machine2664-5268 M3/ H4012-7419 M3/ H
Air pressure of fan machine1578-989 Pa2014-1320 Pa
Sieve size (L*W) 2000*3002000*450
The diameter of aspirator pipe250 mm300 mm
Selection Rate≥97%≥97%
Remove light impurity rate≥83%≥83%
Remove Heavy impurity rate≥80%≥80%

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