Illy heel shoes machine stereotypes

Illy heel shoes machine stereotypes

Product description:

Illy Technology - Two cold two hot heel setting machine Two cold and two hot computer counter moulding machine
The main features of the machine:
• A new series of ALFA684 counter molding machine is small, three-dimensional sense, reasonable shape, with a more complete hardware and software configuration, allowing the operator to become familiar with the use of all machine functions in a very short period. In other words, the operator the machine can be set to any one of the working cycle parameters, adjust heat mold and chill temperatures, when the machine will warn misuse.
• The machine outer mold; mold folding all wipers and jaws can be adjusted according to different shoes and replacement; such a machine for the production of children's shoes to men from a variety of shoes including ski boots;
• The machine is equipped with cross projector or pneumatic wipers upper mold positioning means more intuitive operation;
• Machine work cycle: mold lever up to the rubber mold, after mold closure wipers work;

The following is the current best-selling series of different models ALFA684 heel setting machine hot and cold detail. Of course, we are willing to try other requirements concerning the feasibility of this series of non-machine configuration listed below, if you have such requirements, please contact us .
• Two-station; with two hot mold; with hem panel;
• Two-station, with two cold mold;
• Production within Moccasin shoes special mold; outer mold; wipers and jaw;
• Adjustable width wipers;
• Programmable pull-down clamp melon;
• On electric battery safety protection system;
• Independent heated mold with a pull-down clamp melon;