ZLP630 production and supply of electric basket

ZLP630 production and supply of electric basket

Product description:

Should electric basket; basket; electric basket price; electric basket model; electric basket manufacturer Basket with reasonable design, advanced structure, flexible operation, safe, reliable, easy maintenance, lifting with ease, etc., especially for high-rise buildings exterior construction safety: with a separate working rope and safety rope, and a worm gear self-locking worm balance security lock, manual lock brake three agencies to ensure the basket is automatically locked in weightlessness tilt, etc., in order to ensure the safety of personnel .

Flexibility: light weight, easy to assemble disassemble, assemble freely from 1 to 6 m, different basket .

Smoothness : lift freely, the host automatically locked.

Durability: reasonable structure, excellent materials, super for convenient, long service life.

Economy: low cost, easy maintenance, low labor intensity, low failure rate.

Electric basket; the basket 1 to 6 m can be freely combined; cable 100 meters; rope 400 meters ( total 4 ), one ton counterweight, in all parts of the record, all kinds of information is available, technical personnel responsible for guiding installation and maintenance, poor quality cheap, welcomed the purchase .