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Direct gantry Hebei factory

Direct gantry Hebei factory
  • Direct gantry Hebei factory
  • Direct gantry Hebei factory
Product code: 15983900001
Unit price: 11000 USD
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Other info: 180000KG Yellow
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I plant SSE160 construction hoist, jack gantry excellent performance compared with the old Tic-Tac- frame gantry Its main features are : self- lifting device can be increased with increasing height standard section of the building at any time, column attached to the wall using the device is rigidly connected with the building, without the wind pull rope .
SSE160 jack gantry erection has broken rope protection device
Gantry then high; disassembly with manual lifting mechanism to raise standards section; thereby reducing the labor intensity of workers; cost savings for businesses
Since l steel gantry machine optimized design; timber reasonable; convenient special transportation
Gantry hoist dual- speed motor; smooth running; reliable electrical control equipment performance; gantry construction and high efficiency
Erection gantry highly limiter effectively prevent the basket hoisting or squatted down
Gantry maximum mounting height is : 84 m, maximum lifting height of 78 meters
Maximum lift weight 1.6 tons