Door scaffold ladder scaffold Wholesale

Door scaffold ladder scaffold Wholesale

Product description:

I plant specializing in scaffolding production, processing, wholesale quality, credible lot for sale, door, ladder scaffold specifications are as follows: High: 4250px Width: 2400px length: 4500px height: 4825px Width: 3125px length: 4500px, raw materials: steel, Specifications: Q235 outer diameter: 42.7 mm, wall thickness: 2.3mm, 2.5mm, products for cold galvanizing, are welcome to come call to discuss purchase.

Pedal Features: versatile, indoor and outdoor decoration, store billboard, bridge, building support walls scaffolding high efficiency, flexible, quick installation without screws, achieving a multiplier efficiency bearing capacity, good stability pedal characteristics;... Hook headed scaffold pedal enables tight junctions as a whole. with wooden springboard unparalleled features. the whole scaffolding

More solid scaffolding structure consists of four parts, including pedals, door type or trapezoidal, rod, connecting rod four parts.

According to the structure size can be divided into the following categories.

H * W * L

1.70 * 0.96 * 1.8 door type trapezoid; 40 kg wall thickness of 2.3260 yuan / set

1.90 * 1.25 * 1.8 door type trapezoid; 44 kg wall thickness of 2.3290 yuan / set

1.00 * 0.96 * 1.8 does not distinguish between door type, trapezoid; 210 yuan / set

But also according to customer requirements, price ex-factory price, excluding freight.