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ipad2\3 case BELK

ipad2\3 case BELK
  • ipad2\3 case BELK
Product code: 15980800001
Unit price: 4.6 USD
Price unit:
Minimum order: 100
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Product description ========== =========

Product Name: Apple Computer Case

Unit: pcs

Material: thin cross pattern

Style: Dedicated

Applicable models: IPAD2 / 3

Packaging: box packing

Color: Various colors to choose from

Tablet PC Case factory direct supply design is simple and elegant and practical, tailored specifically for the manufacture, attractive appearance generous; may be employed nylon; first layer of leather and leather production; to fit your tablet absolute protection, frame design, Simple and elegant, easy to operate. We will provide quality service with you hand in hand, the need to welcome customers to visit business negotiations.

Guangzhou Gao Ling Electronics Co., Ltd. is engaged in all kinds of leather products design, processing and sales of leather goods business specializing in the production of various types of leather products PDA, MP4, MP3, Tablet PC Case, electronic digital products, leather, wallets, document package, etc. The company's integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. We will provide quality service with you hand in hand, welcome friends to guide, visit and business negotiation.

1. Payment: 30% advance money, the balance shipped after payment (offsite take money and shipping);.

2, above price is not including tax, excluding special packaging price;

3, more than the price of factory-gate prices, excluding shipping, offer is valid within a month;

4. The above prices for our neutral product prices, excluding special screen printing LOGO and special packaging;

5. Delivery date: Normal from the later receipt of deposit 7 days of delivery (the specific delivery after order to discuss date);

6, the above quote to quote the order, MOQ of each color 1000 / color; For samples are subject to sample costs; orders the Company will refund all fees which the product model (orders up to 1000 months, the Company will refund the sample fee);

7, for release of the company's products for the design change or modification, need additional mold fee Printed LOGO LOGO are subject to mold fee and processing fee.;