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Explosion-proof LED roadway lights

Explosion-proof LED roadway lights
  • Explosion-proof LED roadway lights
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Explosion-proof LED roadway lights

Model DGS12127L (A) type flameproof

Introduction This series is a new generation of safe, energy-proof roadway lights light source adopts the international advanced power LED light tube, with a long life, good safety performance, high brightness, low power consumption, low temperature, wide voltage range, maintenance and other notable features. also optional DC power supply, increase emergency light can be widely used in the presence of flammable combustible gas mixture environment for fixed lighting.

Main Specifications


Technical Specifications


DGS12 / 127L (A)

DGS12 / 127L (B)

rated power



Illuminance (3 meters)

) 10 lx

Rated voltage

AC 127V

Explosion-proof type

Exd I

Use of the environment

(-40~60) ℃

product number

DGS12 / 127L (A)

DGS12 / 127L (B)


(Φ145 * 219) mm

(Φ110 * 820) mm




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