Integrated LED miner | coal mine dedicated fixtures

Integrated LED miner | coal mine dedicated fixtures

Product description:

Integrated LED lamp for mine lamps

KL1.2LM (A) type integral LED lamp is a new generation of safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligent integrated miner, the main light source adopts the international advanced power LED light tube, high luminous efficiency, long life. Lamp switch with light Touch electronic switch, sealing, and easy to use. miner's built-in microprocessor control chip, with a variety of protection features, intelligent management of charging and discharging process, suitable for use in all kinds of lamp charging device charging.

KL1.2LM (A) type integral LED lamp can be widely used in coal mines and other explosive presence of flammable gas mixture environment do personal lighting. Power supply using lithium iron phosphate, no memory, maintenance-free, green environmental protection, safe and reliable.

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