Car stop | mine car stop | pneumatic car stop | manual car stop

Car stop | mine car stop | pneumatic car stop | manual car stop

Product description:

Mine car stop car stop pneumatic car stop manual car stop

Easy car stop manual Jining one hundred million coal production; pneumatic; electric car stop ZMXX001

Single-channel two-track car stop manual car stop; electric car stop; monorail car stop; track car stop

Jining billion in long-term production and supply of coal, manual car stop, pneumatic car stop electric car stop, simple car stop, price concessions, reliable, welcomed all the friends come to order.

common Mine car stop It can be installed on the Inclined Roadway yard PVIs for wellhead car accidents occur, can also be installed in the mine shaft wellhead operating systems discharge lever system fitted with a yard car stop.

Performance car stop :

Car stop blocking pawl and a pair of spring cushioning device. When the wheels hit resistance jaw set in a fixed axis so that the rear of the spring is compressed, the impact of energy will suck the tail of the spring by blocking pawl rod and operating mechanical connection, a hydraulic cylinder or reciprocating motion of the cylinder piston rod while the two blocking jaws open or closed, closed car stop, opened the tub can be adopted. divided into pneumatic and electro-hydraulic manual.

Utility model car stop involving the transport of coal mine machinery technology, car stop by the two parallel rods fixed bearing and the car stop, the former bearing seat, the rear support seat and foot interlocking device component, fixed bearing car stop shaft ends are fixed to the bearing seat and the rear seat support front car stop car stop lever is set in between two fixed bearing, the connection between two fixed bearing shaft through the central barrier car , car stop rod small end goes to the lower end of heavy shape, natural state, its upper tilt, foot device linked by the pedals, pull and lever composition, lever hinged in the middle between two fixed bearing seat, car stop its upper end connected by cable with foot pedals. The utility model can automatically stops the vehicle, which can effectively avoid the artificial resistance deviation caused by car is easy, safe and reliable, simple structure, easy to install, easy to maintain.

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