Mine flatbed | no help flatbed | no help coal cars | flatbed truck production and processing

Mine flatbed | no help flatbed | no help coal cars | flatbed truck production and processing

Product description:

No help mine flatbed flatbed flatbed car without the help of coal production and processing

The factory specializes in producing various levels tonnage mining flatbed; complete model specifications; coal safety certificate complete; dashing electric 15,376,502,873 advice!

Mine flatbed types and basic parameters:

Model load Kg Dimensions (mm) gauge wheel diameter mm mm mm Wheelbase mm high traction traction Kn Weight Kg minimum radius plane running


MPC2-62000200088041060055030032060 ≦ 4909

MPC3-630002400105041560075030032060 ≦ 5309

MPC5-6500034501200480600110035032060 ≦ 90012

MPC5-9500034501320480900110035032060 ≦ 91012

MPC10-61000034601300304600110025023060 ≦ 101012

MPC10-91000034601300304900110025023060 ≦ 103012

MPC13-61300033501400342600100030027060 ≦ 101512

MPC15-61500034601300357600110030032090 ≦ 116012

MPC15-91500034601300357900110030032090 ≦ 124012

MPC18-61800033501400346600100030027060 ≦ 113212

MPC20-620000346013003646001100300320120 ≦ 124012

To create brand; enhance their visibility; corporate image; our 'all the pursuit of high quality; customer satisfaction for the purpose' of the spirit; to 'best price; best service; the most reliable product quality "principle to your solemn promise:

First, the product quality and commitment:

1, manufacturing and testing are quality records and inspection data.

2, the product performance testing, we sincerely invited users to visit the product whole process, all performance checks, was confirmed to be qualified before packing shipments.

Second, the product price promise:

1, in order to ensure high reliability and advanced systems were chosen selection of domestic and international high-quality brand-name products.

2, in the same competitive conditions, our company not to reduce product on the basis of technical performance, change the product on the cost of parts, in good faith in the most favorable price to your party.

I plant mainly produces mine material car; various tub; fixed tub; tipping bucket tub; mining flatbed; and a tub accessories; such as tricyclic chain; tub pins (connecting pin, pin), mining materials, vehicles, the Second Ring chain tub meet, meet in the spring, mining flatbed, meet seat, universal ring, mine wheels, mine Wheel, mining materials, vehicles.

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