-Off with the arrest is | broken belt protection | belt arresting device | Belt protector

-Off with the arrest is | broken belt protection | belt arresting device | Belt protector

Product description:

Breaking-off with the arrest device with protection belt protection belt arresting device

product description

DDZ or ordinary steel strong type of rack, hanging off the belt conveyor belt protection.
Currently on the market sold off with the arrest of the belt is. Most eccentric roller line contact arrest belt, while off DDZ series conveyor belt is a surface contact arrest arrest belt

working principle

On tape-off with the arrest device (DDZ-S type)

Belt conveyors in normal operation, belt under arrest the brake blocks contact with the belt, and can backstop roller rotate with the belt. When breakage occurs belt containing material belt sagging decline, the pressure in breaking Hanging can and left and right sides of the plane of the brake brake block to wedge along the track of rapid oblique displacement, gradually narrowing the distance between the brake block backstop rollers, with the arrest, eventually arrest the decline belt grip. At the same time downward slide hanging backstop roller can trigger a flameproof sensor, outwardly passive contact signal output with a broken alarm.

Tape off the belt under arrest devices (DDZ-X type)

Belt conveyors in normal operation, the lower belt is not in contact with the lower brake blocks and eccentric rollers when breakage occurs belt, mounted beneath the upper belt of power arm force decline, driven by a connecting rod mechanism, springs, pins consisting of The rapid release of eccentric rollers, the eccentric roller and the tape running in the same direction, so that the gap under the brake block and the eccentric roller diminishing quickly arrest the tape. alarm outwardly passive contact signal output with a broken alarm.

Brake block surface contact area to arrest large short braking distances

DDZ series of belt-off with the arrest of the left and right sides of the surface contacting the upper and lower brake block, in the middle of hanging roller can check when the belt off the belt occurs, under brake blocks with the left and right sides Hanging roller synchronous interaction can backstop arrest belt, the force area, even by force, the braking distance is shorter, the belt will not cause tearing.

Brake blocks long life maintenance-free non-contact

After DDZ series of belt-off with the arrest installation and commissioning, and operation of the brake blocks left and right sides of the belt does not contact, long life, no maintenance costs run. The eccentric roller arrest the eccentric rollers, with the running belt conveyor and long-term operation, once damaged, arresting effect immediately malfunction failure, but not easy to find, high operating maintenance costs.

Brake arm rotating flexible open automatically reset

When running in a large belt of coal, gangue by: 1, the brake arm is fixed (the brake blocks) in the open position; so that chunks of waste rock; coal through; 2; when breakage occurs or rewinding the tape Under the gate drive block a downward movement from the body quickly (on brake blocks) for releasing the brake arm, automatically reset to be clamped state;.

Quick and easy installation

According to a certain distance, as long as the side of the original set of rollers operating, installation can be fixed without removing the original roller and the belt holder when mounted on the already running belt, do not drill and use of fire, use a special jig , you can achieve fast installation.

`With a number of protection features anti-deviation backstop fail-off with police

`Have automatically unlock automatically released without manual reset function

`Multi-point arrangement adapted to use along the belt off a little random variation

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