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Roller | Belt conveyor roller

Roller | Belt conveyor roller
  • Roller | Belt conveyor roller
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Roller belt conveyor roller

Jining billion coal roller manufacturing limited is billion of Jining coal machinery group specializing in the production of belt conveyor roller series of manufacturing plants, is a national industry supporting roller of belt conveyor specializing in the production of key enterprises, for the heavy machinery industry, Shandong province, the largest, most automated roller manufacturing base.
Company subordinates production department and Management Department, existing employees 100 people, factory accounted for to area 25,000 square meters, area 3000 square meters, has assets 30 million Yuan, company existing two article line, which 50 Taiwan (sets) main production equipment for domestic first-class technology, used digital and hydraulic control, equipment performance guarantee has from Xia material, on car, on welding, on milling, pressure loaded, full process of products quality requirements. Company according to the latest DTII-standards organization of production, technical quality standards of products used in all international standards and through the Department of mechanical and production standards committee approval and certification. Company produces various types of rollers more than 40 more than more than more than 200 specifications, the annual production capacity is 500,000, average annual output value of more than 50 million Yuan.
Company passed ISO90002000 quality system authentication and obtained United States certificate of RAB, built from material procurement, manufacturing, testing, installation and after-sales service of all process control quality assurance system. Company measured physical and chemical work, confirmed by the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision for the ' qualified units of measurement ', supporting roller of belt conveyor by the Shandong provincial inspection, Shandong famous brand, and obtained production licenses and safety signs. Company produces high quality roller for Shanghai Baosteel, Taiyuan, Jinan, laiwu, Wuhan, Anshan, such as supporting more than more than 10 Mills, for the three gorges project, Tianjin nanjiang port, Dalian beiliang dock and equipment of water conservancy, shenfu, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi's hequ and other large coal facilities, Texas, Beihai, Guangxi, Guizhou, Duck Creek, mountain, such as supporting more than more than 40 large-scale power plant in Tianjin. Product coverage of the market, and exported to Canada, Australia, Germany, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Viet Nam, India, Indonesia and other countries.
Millions of Jining coal roller manufacturing co existing designs of 10 people, including 5 senior engineers, with independent development, design, manufacture, testing, production capacity, develop a number of new structures, high technology, high added value and practical roller. Company set up a roller test center, equipped with a level of national test center testing equipment, roller performance index all of the testing, ensure that products meet quality standards. Company for further expanded market of share,, in original of DT75 type, DX type products of based Shang, development has hanging type, can telescopic type, big dip inverse check type, tube-like with type, conveying machine new dedicated supporting roll, and Institute and the Research Institute cooperation development has various practical of adjustable heart with supporting roll, by development of new structure supporting roll in with type conveying machine industry formed has unique of advantage, achieved has traditional products and technology of organic combined. Produced by roller testing by the national quality inspection Center for hoisting and conveying machinery, the indicator reached the top level, field operation, run resistance is small, waterproof and his reliable, long roller life.
Millions of Jining coal roller manufacturing company limited factory open, rational layout, beautiful environment, is willing to sincerely cooperate with friends at home and abroad, and seek common development.

New billion coal, always in good faith, to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development. Based on the customer, providing customers with the best quality products, the best quality service. Warmly welcome your call!

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