Mining materials, vehicles MLC3-6 | manufacturers phone 15376502873

Mining materials, vehicles MLC3-6 | manufacturers phone 15376502873

Product description:

MLC3-6 mine material car manufacturers phone 15376502873

Mine material car is mine surface and underground roadway narrow-gauge railway transport prop, scaffold or other materials vehicle.

MLC3-6 allows minimum bend radius of R = 10 m.

Structure type materials, vehicles of an endless wall of the trunk fixed on the frame, the trunk is usually framed. The basic structure of the type shown in FIG.

Mining materials, vehicles series of technical parameters

Model T vehicle weight loading gauge wheelbase KN Kg Traction Traction wheel diameter high Dimensions







I plant mainly produces mine material car; various tub; fixed tub; tipping bucket tub; mining materials, vehicles; and a tub accessories; such as tricyclic chain; tub pins (connecting pin, pin) , mining materials, vehicles, bicyclic chain, tub meet, meet in the spring, mining materials, vehicles, meet seat, universal ring, mine wheels, mine Wheel, mining materials, vehicles.

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