Scraper head frame | SGW-40T head frame

Scraper head frame | SGW-40T head frame

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Scraper head frame SGW-40T head frame

Scraper head frame quality head frame SGW-40T head frame head frame price scraper head frame price

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SGB620 / 40T scraper conveyor in the current coal face, the role of the scraper conveyor is not only the transport of coal and materials, SGW-40T head frame but also Shearer orbit, so it becomes a modern mining technology indispensable to the main equipment. AFC function to maintain continuous operation, production can be carried out normally. Otherwise, it will show the whole coal mining face shutdown state, so that the whole production interruptions.

Scraper chain traction in bulk tank transport conveyor called scraper conveyor.

SGB620 / 40T scraper conveyor which member is composed? SGW-40T head frame

Various types of main structure and composition of the scraper conveyor components basically the same, which consists of three parts head, middle section and tail and other machine components.

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Sub-chain, a head frame, tail rack, central groove, excessive tank, sprockets, roller, on wheels, scraper, ring chain, connecting ring, 3380 semi-cylinder, 2533 tail drum, tail shaft, arc gear, arc scattered gear, four.

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