Central groove scraper | SGB26 central trough | 30t central groove scraper

Central groove scraper | SGB26 central trough | 30t central groove scraper

Product description:

Central groove scraper scraper SGB26 central groove 30t middle groove

SGB26 central groove factory direct central groove to force the price of the central groove scraper central groove scraper Accessories

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Mainly used for coal mine in central groove scraper conveyor and loader. Scraper scraper conveyor central trough is the body, the Central Board and the ledge just other components, the groove scraper chain for coal lower tank return use. The utility model relates to the technical field of underground coal mine scraper conveyor central trough in particular is a new central groove scraper. flatness after the traditional central groove scraper plate abutment surfaces have a greater error, increasing the blade running resistance, accelerated plate of abnormal wear. scraper middle groove will be running up and down the angle, easy to make lap plate damage while casting forging rail seat support baffle ledge bend coupling plate, there are also low coupling strength, the central groove scraper short life issue utility model in each block both ends of the plate is concave stepped interfaces;. scraper groove in the middle of the coupling plate welded bending plate, bend at the top of the coupling plate and the plate of welded ribs on plate bending gusset and opened a long hole, sink hole connecting conveyor cable slot. The utility model is suitable for high-power and high cutting heavy scraper conveyor support.

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