NALA3 craftsmen beautiful pieces of natural konjac wash flapping | thick sponge gentle cleansing wash flutter massage

NALA3 craftsmen beautiful pieces of natural konjac wash flapping | thick sponge gentle cleansing wash flutter massage

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Beauty Artisan / beautiful craftsman ...
  • Color Classification: oval / hemispherical rose / lavender arc-shaped / oval section pure konjac / lemon hemispherical / arc-shaped blueberry / lemon-shaped arc / arc-shaped charcoal / arc-shaped lavender / green tea arcuate / aloe arc-shaped / oval rose / green hemispherical / charcoal hemispherical / hemispherical rose / mint hemispherical / hemispherical green tea / lemon
  • Brand: Beauty Artisan / beautiful craftsman
  • Makeup / beauty tools single product: natural skin cleansing flapping konjac
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications

1.Pure soft cotton, made of natural konjac
2. The main ingredient konjac Mannose polysaccharide make skin smooth, it has a good effect on the makeup
3. used in conjunction with facial cleanser Produce large amounts of foam Help Clean pores
4. BecauseContaining a weakly basic Without using cleanser, but also can play a very good cleaning effect on the skin
This productNatural plant konjac fiber cleansing sponge massage . When a small amount of cleansing face wash products, better cleaning effect. This product Super good elasticity, effectively clean pores, exfoliates Let face radiant. Has a rope on the product after cleansing convenience store.
Plant characteristics: Konjac plant itself contains a base so produced machining konjac cleansing cotton also has this feature, so when in use can take away deep in the pores in the dirt, even without soap or cleanser can also be left in the neutralization and decomposition the skin cosmetic or dust.
Elastic fibers: Amorphophallus konjac cleansing cotton unique fibrous tissue, can repair sun fragile skin, even rub hard, it will not hurt the skin.
Dextran mannate: The active ingredient is konjac glucan Gan sugar, it is a natural moisturizing factor, better replenishment function in the wash at the same time to add moisture; After washing the face, better lock moisture, not like before wash as washing the face feeling tight and dry.
Spongy structure: Can more easily play more foam cleanser, and can remove the skin and the stratum corneum of melanin, played the role of whitening. Long-term use can play a role in cleansing massage.
Products analogy:
Konjac Washing cotton towels and differences:
(1) the use of konjac cleansing wash, bath towels no wash, bath kind of rough and exciting feeling;
(2) konjac cleansing cotton in the wash bath process can bring users cosmetic effect.
Konjac Washing cotton and other synthetic sponge differences:
Generally available synthetic sponges and wash flutter, bath balls just cleansing aids, and more with the chemical composition, and the product both clean and moisturize the skin functions. Synthetic sponges are generally not biodegradable, and the konjac plant using cotton fiber production together, it will naturally decompose after use, will not affect the environment.