Fixed tub MGC1.7-9

Fixed tub MGC1.7-9

Product description:

Fixed tub MGC1.7-9

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Fixed trunk tub fixed tub Type and basic parameters, please call 15376502873

Fixed trunk tub structural type carriages fixed to the frame, the basic structure of the type shown in Figure tub.

Name Model Capacity Maximum load gauge (m) wheelbase (mm) Dimensions

0.75 tons fixed tub MGC0.7-6 0.7 500KG 600 500 1580 * 850 * 1050

One ton stationary tub MGC1.1-6 1.1 1800KG 600 550 2000 * 880 * 1150

1.5 tons stationary tub MGC1.7-9 1.7 2700KG 600 600 2400 * 1050 * 1200

3 tons hopper tub MD3.3-6 3.3 4000KG 600 900 3450 * 1200 * 1400

1.5T fixed tub technical parameters:

Fixed tub models MGC1.7-9

Volume 1.7m3

Gauge 900mm

Wheelbase 600mm

Wheel diameter 350mm

Load 2.7T

Weight 970kg

Dimensions 2100 * 1300 * 1150mm

Fixed tub consists of: fixed mine car by the car, frame, wheel, ¢ 40mm connection bolt and other components.

1. carriages: the box plate; welding mouth from side angle, etc; cover

2. Frame: the channel, tipping bucket, tub - angles, meet, axis card welding components.

3. wheel: the wheel; shaft; bearings and other components

The link plug: There are 40mm high quality carbon steel bar, hand ring welded components.

Tub accessories: mine wheels, mine wheels right, meet tub polyurethane, rubber tub meet, meet in the spring, anti-off circle, three-ring chain, universal ring, mine car pin, tub rails like.

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