Splitter type diesel power station

Splitter type diesel power station

Product description:

Splitter type diesel power station

Concrete Splitter

Diesel type Splitter

Specifications: Diesel-type split machine type air motor gasoline splitter splitting machine concrete blast broken stone splitting machines - Splitting Our company is specialized in splitting machine; Splitter; hydraulic fracturing; a rock splitting machine; Hydraulic splitting machine

Splitter works:

Any object has its own characteristics; rock and concrete with high external compressive strength; tensile strength from the inside out is very small; it has a compressive and tensile strength 100: 2-10 The difference, in the brittle state.

Splitter seize brittle rocks and concrete features, the use of wedge design principle - In the most narrow bore outward to release a great deal of division force. It consists of two major pumping stations and splitter composed of high-pressure oil output from the pump station, drive tanks, a huge thrust, drive wedges group Ahead of the middle wedge, reverse wedge distraction to both sides.

The specific implementation steps are as follows: First, the object to be split drill a hole of specified diameter and depth , The wedge splitting machine group (an intermediate wedge and two reverse wedge) into the hole in the middle wedge action by the hydraulic pressure between the two reverse wedge forward movement, release from the inside out great energy, will be split split objects in a predetermined direction within a few seconds.

Splitting the main properties:

No vibration, no shock, no noise, no dust, to be completed within split seconds, efficient and controllable division.

Split precise size; moderate weight; easy to operate; easy maintenance; demolition work can be carried out indoors and narrow site

Splitter features:

1. safety

Splitting the work can be controlled in the static hydraulic environment, it will not produce dangerous risks like blasting machine and other impact demolition, drilling equipment, without taking complex security measures.

2. Environmental protection

When Splitter work, no vibration, shock, noise, dust, flying debris, etc. will not be affected by the surrounding environment, even in densely populated areas or next to the room, as well as precision equipment, it can work without interference.

3. Economy

Splitter split a few seconds to complete the process, and can work continuously without interruption, high efficiency, low operation and maintenance costs, without blasting that take quarantine or other time-consuming and costly security measures.

4. Accuracy

Splitter with most conventional demolition methods and equipment different from the pre-split unit can accurately determine the direction of division, splitting the shape and size of the required part, split high accuracy.

5. applicability

Splitter humane shape design and durability of structural design, to ensure that its use is easy to learn, only a single operation, easy maintenance, long service life, splitting machine and pump station transportation is very convenient.

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