Shelf tub meet

Shelf tub meet

Product description:

Shelf tub meet

Tub tub accessories meet tub tub spring pin mine Wheel ring chain

Tub meet manufacturers manufacture of various types:

Tub meet mainly divided into three categories: the rubber meet; iron meet; polyurethane meet

Rubber meet the low price, but life is short;

Iron meet low price, long life;

Polyurethane meet high price, but a long life.

These three tub meet our plant has production, based on the current sales situation, has been gradually replaced polyurethane rubber tub meet meet meet and iron, become a trend, the following will tell you about the polyurethane tub meet Case.

I plant the production of polyurethane tub meet a utility model can effectively prevent the mining transport tub tub meet new collision.

Polyurethane tub meet includes touch the body, both sides have a slot to touch the body, one end of the touch the body of a positioning hole, the central body is provided with touch down through the jack. Touch the body through the slot, positioning holes installed tub chassis, one end of the body extending undercarriage touch with collision avoidance body cap on one end of the chassis protruding, leaving a gap between the cap and the base chassis collision when the collision occurred, polyurethane tub meet not only can play the role of buffer crash, but also can play a role in isolation, therefore having better anti-collision function, simple structure, easy installation, low cost.

I plant the production of polyurethane tub meet has the following characteristics:

1, long life: The product with a special process design, process, making it resistant to impact, tear resistance has greatly improved, life is a rubber tub and other non-metallic meet more than twice.

2, low noise: the biggest meet in the mine car the noise is characterized by small, it is incomparable metal meet, more convenient safety in production.

3, anti-theft: do not meet as stolen metal can make money, reducing human loss.

4, easy: light weight, easy to transport, easy to install, no maintenance reduces the amount of labor of workers, improve work efficiency.

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