JS75 reducer | scraper reducer

JS75 reducer | scraper reducer

Product description:

JS75 Scraper gear reducer
Scraper reducer mainly JS75 and JS40 two models!
The following describes what JS40 type:

Scraper reducer Model also known JS40, on SGB620 / 40t (80t) are used.
The involute cylindrical gear reducer, excellent selection, reasonable process output terminal uses two wheels (one of which is mediated wheel) is driven with a large carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, are widely used in mining machinery, construction machinery, cement machinery.
work condition:
1; high-speed shaft speed reducer is generally not more than 1500r / min; peripheral speed gear is not greater than 10m / s;
2, the ambient temperature reducer used was -40 ℃ -45 ℃. When the ambient temperature at the bottom to start 0 ℃, preheating response lubricants.
When the ambient temperature is above 45 ℃, cooling measures taken to deal with reducer;
3, reducer suitable for continuous operation and the forward and reverse;
4, the working environment is non-corrosive and non-explosive occasion.
Model: JDSB-4 JDSB-10 JDSB-22 JDSB-40 JDSB-125
Power (KW): 4 10 22 40 125
Rated voltage V: 380/660 380/660 380/660 380/660 380/660
660/1140 660/1140 660/1140 660/1140 660/1140
Speed ​​(full load): 1445 1,460,147,014,751,480

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