Beam tube, polyethylene tube bundle, Mine beam tube, the gas drainage tube bundle

Beam tube, polyethylene tube bundle, Mine beam tube, the gas drainage tube bundle

Product description:

Beam tube; polyethylene tube bundle; Mine beam tube; Gas Drainage beam tube

I. Product Overview:
The product consists of a core tube around the cloth, jacket composed of three parts, the outer wall smooth, flat, no bubbles, nicks and obvious grooves, depression, and other impurities, the appearance of uniform color. Used for coal mine gas sampling. Is the unit development a new type of product, the recent widespread use in Inner Mongolia, Henan major coal mines.

Second, the product category:
Mining can be divided according to diameter with beam tube Φ8mm Φ10mm
The pipe can be divided into a number of core classification Core 2 core 3 core 4 core 5-core 7-pin 8-pin 10-pin 12-pin 16-core 19 core

Third, the model represents and structures:
PE-ZKW / - ** #

PE: Polyethylene Z: Combined KW: * Gas ​​Drainage with the number of cores core tube diameter tube #

Fourth, the installation method:
When the product is installed horizontally, the general hanging, erection and other methods, should be hanging straight, neat, distance between each of the metal hook is not greater than 2 meters for the best, try not to cross with cables and other pipes, pipeline through throttle, closed facilities should be protected by steel casing, such as when the line to be bent, the minimum should be more than eight times the labyrinth broadside beam tube when mounted vertically, can be laid on a thin rope hanging, and fixed with metal clamps On steel or other pipelines.

Fifth, the purchase Notes:
Provide core tube diameter
Provide the number of die

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