Flameproof solenoid valve

Flameproof solenoid valve

Product description:

Flameproof solenoid valve

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DFB-4 / 7.5 flameproof solenoid valve (the original model: DF4 / 7.5) (hereinafter referred to as electromagnetic valve) is suitable for use in methane in the ambient air; coal dust; hydrogen sulfide; carbon dioxide does not exceed (Coal Mine Safety Code) as specified in the security content of mine use, can be used as auto and other underground pipeline control fully open or fully closed use, and the system control device with the constitution conveyor control system.

DFB10 / 127 type flameproof solenoid valve, DF4 / 7.5 explosion-proof solenoid valve for coal mine coal dust and hazardous environments containing explosive gases as cooling, dust watering purposes.

The main technical parameters of the solenoid valve

1, the maximum working pressure: 7.5MPa

2, the introduction of cable diameter: Φ10, Φ12

3, nominal diameter: 1 inch

4, Dimensions: 196 * 130 * 100

5, normally closed

Environmental conditions solenoid valve under the following conditions should be able to work reliably:

a) Ambient temperature -10 ~ + 40 ℃;

b) the average relative humidity less than 95% (+ 25 ℃ when);

c) Atmospheric pressure: 80 ~ 106KPa;

d) no significant vibration and shock of the occasion;

e) The solenoid valve is suitable for use in methane in the ambient air; coal dust; hydrogen sulfide; carbon dioxide

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