U-shaped steel bracket | Mine bracket u steel processing

U-shaped steel bracket | Mine bracket u steel processing

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U-shaped steel bracket Mine bracket u steel processing

Sales 15,376,502,873 mine roadway support bracket U-shaped steel bracket steel workers; H-beam; Π steel
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U-shaped steel is a cross-sectional shape like the English letter 'U' steel. Countries producing cross-sectional shape of the U-shaped steel, geometric parameters and material and so different, now produced in China U-shaped steel Model main U18; U25; U29; U36 These four of which belong to the waist U18 and U25 positioning;. U29, U36 U18 genus ear positioning carrying capacity due to the low, now rarely produce.
U-shaped steel with a high setting load; large support strength; easy to install; easy deformation, etc; therefore Commonly used in the manufacture of roadway retractable metal stent; for mine roadway; mine tunnel secondary support; and a tunnel through a mountain of Brace and other uses .U Steel retractable stents is mainly composed of the following components:
1. roof beams roof beams arc arch; its size depending on the number of roadway; scaffold force; different transport conditions and has a multi-section of the points.
2. Column in legs legs have three kinds of forms, one is a circular arc-shaped upper part, the lower part of line segments; second is all curved, and only one radius of curvature; third is all curved, But there are two radii of curvature column welded leg below the base, depending on the size of the base plate may be hard and soft.;
3. Connect connecting member is a clamping device holder between the Festival and the Festival; Festival can play a role in inter-connection; you can also connect two steel compression fitting part; providing preload; having between U-shaped steel friction, thus ensuring a certain arch support working resistance and some may shrinkage.
4. rack rod between Inter frame drawbar role is to enhance the overall stent relative stability, the stent from the longitudinal coupled together to form a whole.
5. backing material. The backing material is a filler material between the U-shaped steel bracket and rock, with the aim is to make the U-shaped steel bracket close contact with the surrounding rock, to improve the situation by force stent increase its carrying capacity and maintain the surrounding rock stability.

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