Mine rescuer for | Compression Self-rescuer | The oxygen Self-rescuer | Self-help for mine equipment

Mine rescuer for | Compression Self-rescuer | The oxygen Self-rescuer | Self-help for mine equipment

Product description:

Mine rescuer for compressed oxygen Self-rescuer Self-rescuer mine self-rescue equipment

Compressed oxygen Self-rescuer

ZY45 compressed oxygen Self-Rescuer is an isolated regenerative closed Hu protection devices, mainly used in coal mines or at ordinary atmospheric pressure occurring in the work environment harmful gases outstanding and Anoxia asphyxia disasters, field personnel wear themselves to escape rapidly. (A) structure

This self-rescuer is used primarily by nose plugs, airbag, clean tank, clean the bottom cover, exhaust valve, cylinder, regulator, safety valve, manual valves, switches, switch handle, pressure gauge.

(B) the principle of

1, principles of gas, turn the switch knob, open the gas cylinder valve and oxygen cylinders of high pressure oxygen in through the switch into the regulator and manual for valve, pressure reducer with ≥ 1.2L/min flow to the air supply, if quantitative supply can not meet the human need, short press the filling pressure plate to) 60L/min to the air bag gas flow. 2, Hu suction principle, when in use, the wearer biting mouth, nose clips on the clip, body composition and rescuer for ' man machine ' Hu suction system. When Hu, airflow through the Hu valve balloon into a clean tank, carbon dioxide react with carbon dioxide absorbents in clean tanks and be absorbed. The remaining oxygen into the outside air. Breathing in, enter the body through the suction valve, completes the whole Hu absorption cycle. Throughout the process of wear, the human nostril nose clip, via the ' population ' the Hu connections, complete with nozzle for Hu. Man-machine ' Hu suction system and completely cut off from the outside world. Effectively preventing the harmful gases such as methane gas into the body. 3, the security principle of relief, when the regulator fails when the pressure increases to 0.7~0.8Mpa, safety valve opens outward discouraged, pressure relief, and protection of the pressure reducer is not explosion.

(C) use methods

1, save when it is worn from the waist side moved to the front body.

2, level with the hand pulled the plastic hook on the left lower part of plastic hook on the upper shell from the lower shell out; Then untied on, shell under the other side of the hook; Then shell brought along the vertical direction by hand, made under it and shell out. This completes the self-rescuer unsealed.

3, place the mouth in between the lips and teeth, teeth bite on the mouth with teeth, and close lips, human mouth and mouth have reliable gas-tight.

4, rotating cylinder switch knob, open the gas bottle valve, immediately press the filling pressure, when the balloon blown up after releasing the finger, stop manual filling gas. Then quickly broken nose clip spring, use nose clip both sides of the nose, nasal cavity and isolated from the outside world, mouth by mouth with Hu.

5, use process, the regulator ≥ 1.2L/min continuous gas flow to the balloon, for Human breathing, such as quantitative supply can not meet the human need, can press the filling pressure plate, manual air into the balloon, balloon after blowing up, stop manually the gas supply. Because of the large air flow manually, it cannot be pressed manually fill gas for a long time or frequently pressing the manual air.

(D) examination of self-rescuer operations

1. pressure tightness test with gas bottle switch, daub with SOAP water and high pressure joints bubble inflated, said gas-tight is good. As the bubble inflated, should look for leakage causes and repair, then recheck.

2. testing of pressure reducer

(1) the test pressure reducer valve and air tightness between the shell valves will flow adjustment screws unscrewed, under pressure 20Mpa, daub with SOAP water ration outlet, such as bubble-blowing up, the valve tightness is qualified. And then restore the screws tight.

(2) examination of quantitative quantitative gas supply pipe connected to the flowmeter of gas flow, loosen screw, adjust the regulator flow adjustment screw, twist watch gas flow, gas cylinders when working pressure is 20~3Mpa, quantitative gas flow should be ≥ 1.2L/min. After passing the test, you should tighten the adjusting screw on the pressure Cap.

3. Manual valve inspection

(1) when the cylinder pressure is 20~3Mpa, open the gas cylinder switch, in case of not pressing the fill pressure plate, apply manual air supply outlet with SOAP water, without air bubbles.

(2) Inspection Manual air supply: a private test connection in the pressure reducer hand connector on the oxygen supply, and attach the meter, press the manual button, oxygen in the 20~5Mpa shall be ≥ 60L/min.

(3) when opening the safety valve: If the rescuer for the relief valve opens, said regulators had failed, you cannot use this self-rescuer, regulator and safety valve should be removed and sent back to the manufacturer heavy testing and debugging, user cannot repair itself, and debugging.

(4) exhaust automatic exhaust valve pressure test: in a 1.5L/min flow to the airbag, began his exhaust column values in the 150~300pa range, expressed qualified exhaust valve-exhaust pressure.

(5) Hu sucking system gas key sex test of operation will row valve from balloon Shang removed, with sealed plug will balloon seal live, then with dedicated connection apparatus will mouth with and check instrument of water pressure meter connected, with pump to Hu sucking system within inflatable to 1000pa, for are pressure gas key sex test, water stable Hou, observation water pressure value in a minutes within not declined 50pa for qualified. Positive pressure tightness test finished, release the hoop, remove the sealing plug from the balloon, fastened on the balloon and exhaust valve and tighten Hoop, Hu suction system suction with a calibrator -800pa, negative pressure tightness test after water column stability, observe the water column pressure 50pa not qualified within a minute. As is, the negative pressure test failed, found the solution, and should be subject to review. Whatever the reason, save when turned on, you must reinstall absorbers of carbon dioxide, and then test.

* Note: place the exhaust valve when the air bag, you can also use flax rope wrapped exhaust valve or thin wire, wrap tape not leak you can use.

(V) notes


1, before carry themselves well, should observe the pressure gauge showing the value shall not be less than 18Mpa.

2, special attention should be paid to prevent the stabbed hurt in balloon. Air bags should be folded when the cover, put inside a shell and cover, to avoid balloon.

3, storing Self-rescuer should avoid direct sunlight, with no oil mixing in one place. Store dry non-corrosive gases, temperature should be above 0 deg c.

4, every part of the instrument should be strictly banned oil.

5, save after each use, counterparts, air cleaning, alcohol, dry; Replace the carbon dioxide absorbents; The oxygen cylinder again inflated; And after reassembly check cover the self-rescuer, self-help is in good condition that can be used again. The Self-Rescuer is not used for a long time should also be regularly (six-month) replace carbon dioxide absorbers, supplemental oxygen.

* Note: 1. the pharmaceutical (calcium hydroxide), most of the units have not been changed from the time of purchase (must be replaced for six months).

6, self-help, personal equipment, and air bags should be kept clean, clean after each use, alcohol to dry.

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