Compressed oxygen self-rescuer

Compressed oxygen self-rescuer

Product description:

Compressed oxygen self-rescuer

Mine rescuer compressed oxygen self-rescuer self-help device self-rescuer Mine

I. Overview:

This product is a closed-cycle type isolation Hu suction device, after wearing body isolated Hu suction system can prevent all kinds of poisonous gas into the body.

Second, the details:

product description:

This product is a closed-cycle type isolation Hu suction device, after wearing body isolated Hu suction system can prevent all kinds of poisonous gas into the body. The product is a closed loop isolation compressed oxygen self-rescuer, widely used Coal or other environmental toxic gases such as air pollution occurs (such as: carbon monoxide, methane and other toxic gases) and hypoxia asphyxiating disaster workers escape self-help use.

Product Specifications:


Quantitative oxygen:) 1.2L / min (L / min)

Auto supply oxygen:) 60L / min (L / min)

Manually oxygen supply:) 60L / min (L / min)

Protection time: time is 45 minutes (moderate labor intensity)

Oxygen bottles:

Volume: 0.38 L

Safety valve opening pressure ≤1Mpa

Rated pressure: 20Mpa (200 Kg)

Auto exhaust pressure: 150-300Pa


CO2 absorbents should be installed amount ≥530g.


Features use a long time, small size, light weight, easy to carry oxygen has three functions: Quantitative oxygen, oxygenating automatic, manual oxygenating the use of more secure, reliable Hu suction double-loop circulation mode, no hydroxide. calcium dust inhalation, not choking, Hu suction resistance, intake air temperature is low, Hu suck comfortable, safe and reliable. oxygenation can be reused after dressing, and low cost.

The product works :

Quantitative oxygen : Counterclockwise rotation switch hand wheel, high-pressure oxygen flow from the oxygen cylinder pressure reducer, automatically output after decompression of oxygen 1.2L / min into the airbag.

Manual qi oxygen : Qi platen press with your fingers, oxygen to 60L / min into the balloon, take your finger off the qi plate, oxygen stopped.

Automatic qi oxygen : When Hu vacuum suction system, qi plate inward contraction, oppression qi lever to open the oxygen supply mechanism, oxygen to 60L / min into the airbag when the airbag is quickly muster, leaving qi qi platen lever, qi stop when the intake of oxygen into the body from the balloon, Hu suction valves, opening with gas through the suction when Hu Hu gas valve, air hose into the clean tank Hu, Hu human CO2 is absorbed out of the tank filled with clean absorbent remaining oxygen into the balloon and oxygen pressure reducer output mix. So again completed the human Hu absorption cycle.

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