ZH30 isolated type chemical oxygen self-rescuer

ZH30 isolated type chemical oxygen self-rescuer

Product description:

ZH30 isolated type chemical oxygen self-rescuer

The main purpose:

ZH30 chemical oxygen self-rescuer go down the coal mine personnel lifesaving device when a disaster occurs downhole (mine gas explosion; gas outburst; fire, etc.). Cause toxic gas pollution and Hu getter during hypoxia, providing fresh personnel to go down to Personal fled the affected areas and use of Hu suction protection equipment, should be exempted from gas or suffocation hazards, safety exits disaster areas can also be used in underground engineering, high-rise building, entertainment, self-help fire, tunnels, chemical, environmental engineering and possible toxic gases or suffocating environment of workplaces.

Self-help works:

ZH30 chemical oxygen self early in oxygen from oxygen candle, quickly open after balloon utilize oxygen generating agent with the human Hu CO2 and water vapor out of the combination of chemical reaction to produce oxygen to supply people Hu suck. These pure oxygen through a balloon drop Wimbledon , orifice, the mouth has to form a closed loop system for people Hu suck.

Key Features:

Protection Time (min): Moderate labor intensity ≥30 minutes, sit-ins ≥120 minutes

Inspiratory oxygen concentration: ≥21%

Hu concentration of carbon dioxide gas in: ≤3%

Suction temperature (℃) ≤55 ℃

Ventilation resistance (pa): 196pa

Product Weight: 1900g

Product size: 170 * 170 * 96mm

Main features:

Early in oxygen to start installations chlorate oxygen candle, raw oxygen fast, safe and reliable; use KO2 flaky oxygen generating agent, oxygen generating sufficient uniformity, less dust, stable performance, low intake temperature, Hu suck small resistance; adopt glass fiber composite barrier mat, good dust barrier effect; using non-uniform orifice structure, oxygen generating uniform, CO2 absorption properties; small size, light weight, comfortable to wear.

Quality Assurance

This product is in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system standards for quality control to ensure product quality is higher than the national standard, fully meet the design requirements, the product of 3-year warranty from date of purchase 3 years, the products under normal use any non-human failure by the company responsible for maintenance free.

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