Chemical oxygen self-rescuer

Chemical oxygen self-rescuer

Product description:

Chemical oxygen self-rescuer

Stainless ZH30 isolated type chemical oxygen self-rescuer is the use of potassium superoxide in oxygen absorption principle of personal protection devices Hu, widely used in coal mines or other underground engineering, chemical engineering, and there may be toxic gases in the environment, workers use to achieve self-help in distress The purpose of.


1. isolated formula: Hu suction system is completely isolated from the outside environment, prevent poisonous gas into the body to meet the rapid escape of persons in distress.

2. Small size, light weight: stainless steel ZH30 self-rescuer oxygen filling and use of raw shell combined under design, greatly reducing the weight and volume of self-help.

3. corrosion: stainless steel shell material, greatly reducing the corrosive downhole harsh environments.

4. Using: new start in oxygen apparatus - oxygen bottles, oxygen generating fast, do not fire, and more secure.

5. Machine weight: ≤1400g

6. Dimensions: 175 * 125 * 75

Quality Assurance

This product is in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system standards for quality control to ensure product quality is higher than the national standard, fully meet the design requirements, the product of 3-year warranty from date of purchase 3 years, the products under normal use any failure by the company responsible for maintenance free.

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