RHZYN120 type positive pressure firefighting oxygen Hu Haustorium

RHZYN120 type positive pressure firefighting oxygen Hu Haustorium

Product description:

RHZYN120 type positive pressure firefighting oxygen Hu Haustorium

Features: HYZ2 Hu isolated positive pressure oxygen breathing apparatus (hereinafter referred to as Hu suction) is a mine rescue team members work for the protection of Hu suction-type replacement products is updated in the original isolated type vacuum oxygen inhaler based on the transformation Hu made it adopts. Messenger-style design, it has a high safety, reliability, high comfort, easy disassembly, easy maintenance, inspection and other convenient features, except that it is smaller and lighter than the original isolated positive pressure oxygen Hu suction device, weighing only It is half of the original.

The main purpose of the use of environmental conditions

Main purpose: The Hu suction is mainly used for mine rescue team members while engaged in rescue work, strengthen its Hu suction organ protection, so that harmful gases from harm; can be used for fire fighting, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, transport, ship subway, electricity and other departments specially trained personnel engaged in incident handling toxic gases in the environment.

Environmental conditions

a hazardous environment, gas composition: CO 0 ~ 10%; SO2 0 ~ 2%; H2S 0 ~ 1%; NO2 0 ~ 1%; CO2 0 ~ 100%; CH40 ~ 100%; N2 0 ~ 100%; drifting 10g / m3

b Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 125KPa;

c Relative Humidity: 0 to 100%

d Ambient temperature: -20 ~ + 40 ℃

Basic parameters

1. Guard Time: 2h (Moderate labor intensity);

2. Rated working pressure oxygen bottles: 2MPa volume: 1.6L;

3. Hu suction system Positive range: 0-700Pa;

The quantitative amount of oxygen 1.4-1.6L / min; (maximum not exceeding 1.7 L / min);

5. Automatic replenishment amount of oxygen: not less than 80 L / min;

6. Manually oxygen supply: Not less than 80 L / min;

7. Automatic replenishment valve opening pressure upper limit: 10 ~ 245 Pa;

8. Automatic exhaust valve opening pressure: 400-700 Pa

9. Carbon dioxide absorbent filling volume: less than 1.2kg;

10. Suction temperature: less than ℃

11. Dimensions: 380 * 320 * 180mm

12. Outgoing Quality: 6kg

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