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Hu isolated type vacuum oxygen inhaler

Hu isolated type vacuum oxygen inhaler
  • Hu isolated type vacuum oxygen inhaler
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Hu isolated type vacuum oxygen inhaler

HYF4 (ADY6) isolation-type vacuum oxygen Hu Haustorium

Purpose: HYF4 isolation-type vacuum suction oxygen Hu is mainly used in mine rescue team engaged in rescue work and technical work to protect Hu suction organs, making it suited to Hu suck atmosphere from harmful effects; also for fire fighting, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other industrial and mining enterprises specially trained personnel in suitable Hu suction atmosphere, when used in the prevention or treatment of work accidents.

Hu suck the oxygen performance

. a quantitative amount of oxygen: 1.4 ± 0.1L / min;

. b automatic replenishment amount of oxygen: When the bottle 20 ~ 18MPa pressure of not less than 100L / min;

When the pressure is 5 ~ 3Mpa when oxygen is not less than 80L / min;

. c Manually oxygen supply: when the cylinder pressure is 20 ~ 18MPa, the oxygen is not less than 150L / min; when the pressure is less than 5 ~ 3Mpa, oxygen is not less than 60 L / min.

. d automatic supply valve opening pressure: When the pressure drops to a low pressure system -100 ~ -300Pa, the automatic supply valve opening.

e. aeration rate of 1.4 L / min during steady airflow, exhaust valve opening pressure of 100 ~ 300 Pa.

Maximum working pressure oxygen bottles: 20 Mpa.

Oxygen storage: 20MPa pressure in the bottle, the oxygen storage less than 400L.

Dimensions: L * W * H: (455 * 375 * 165) mm.

Weight: excluding oxygen Ca (OH) 2 absorber, when the cooling element and the cooler cover, not more than 9.3kg

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