Wind pressure self-help devices

Wind pressure self-help devices

Product description:

Wind pressure self-help devices

The number of air pressure self-help devices used primarily in coal and gas outburst in coal mine disaster protection. When the coal and gas outburst or highlight omen, the staff can conveniently enter the apparatus self-help hedge. Under normal circumstances the underground installation of self-rescue device not less than one-third full of underground when coal and gas outburst or highlight omen, staff can enter the nearest self-help hedge the apparatus. The apparatus is simple, fast and reliable. Escaping personnel in the use of wind pressure When the self-rescue device, feel comfortable, no stinging and oppressive.

Air pressure self-help devices, in the major mining bureau, the major coal mines are widely used, the majority of coal miners praise, it has a stable technical support and after-sales service. With a stable pressure regulator, manual flow regulation, three silencers, filtration, drainage, dust of six functions, but also freely within the scope of the spring tube using light medical masks, have health permits, non-toxic, long wear no sense of weight, Hu suck no smell. Each group Hu Haustorium individually configurable vacuum filter valve, filter impurities in the air, water and oil, reducing pressure wind noise, precise control of the air pressure, so that workers Hu suck comfortable stainless steel structure, can be long-term use in harsh environments. The wind pressure self-help means to solve the old-fashioned air pressure, self-rescuer worker with head into the bag duct block line of sight, can not understand the changes in the surrounding environment, resulting in emotional anxiety, the impact of self-help and other issues. Hu suction tube extension spring, waiting for the ambulance personnel can be as small range within walking to affect workers sit sleep each group individually configured Hu suction vacuum filtration

Valve, filter impurities in the air, water and oil, reducing pressure wind noise, precise control of air pressure, so that workers Hu sucked comfort intake pipe installed at a total pressure gauge to measure pressure within the manifold road. Pressure air self-help device housing, mounting plate, intake manifold, hooks, screws, lock boxes and so on are all made of stainless steel, capable of long-term use in harsh environments.

No. Name Specification

1 system supply pressure 0.3-0.7MPa

2 Hu suction pressure adjustment range 0.05-0.08MPa (manual pressure regulator)

3 Hu Haustorium gas volume range 30-55L / min

4 air supply terrestrial systems capable of pumping gas or a single supply

5 mute capability (85dB (A)

6 Operation Manual

7 protection methods self-absorption filter mask

8 output capability with pressure gauges show

9 gauge specifications 0-0.25MPa (when debugging can be clearly observed Hu suction air pressure value)

10 with a decompression valve means; silencers; filter (water, oil), automatic drainage, dust and other functions

11 Configure built six groups, for six people simultaneously (also increase or decrease depending on the circumstances)

12 Hu masks suction pressure) 300Pa

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