Lifeline | canvas windbreaks | Contact rope mine

Lifeline | canvas windbreaks | Contact rope mine

Product description:

Canvas windbreaks lifeline rope mine contact

Product Description: Mine windbreaks; mine explosion-proof tools; lifeline; stretcher; negative stretcher; liaison rope; mine pneumatic splint; insulation blanket; high voltage pulse extinguishing apparatus; mine fire water cannon pulse; pulse water gun; lifeline; canvas windbreaks; liaison rope; lead line; lifesaving oxygen chamber; bricklaying tools; rapid obturator; column rescue cushions; rescue chute

First, the canvas wind barrier: when the mine fire accident, cut off the source of fire and smoke to prevent air from entering the fire area, as a closed tunnel ventilation was adjusted.
Materials: canvas, size: 4mX4m, 6mX6m.

Second, mining explosion-proof tools: made of high-strength copper alloy; tensile strength ≥105kg / m; hardness: HRC greater than 35. applied due to sparks which may cause an explosion workplace, including hammers, axes, picks,. shovel, drill, etc. are widely used in mine rescue rescue.
Third, self-luminous lifeline lifeline lifeline mine
Lifeline length 30m, diameter 12.5mm, tensile strength 3000kg, with aluminum safety hook. After 20 minutes of visible light storage after dark automatically send up to 10 hours or more fluorescence is widely used in mine rescue rescue

Four: Mine rope Contact: Contact rope length 2 m, ends with a snap hook for links between the disaster team.

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