Separator | Gas-water separator

Separator | Gas-water separator

Product description:

Separator the separator

Gas-water separator also known as the ' separator '; It is mainly used for steam; Compressed air and other gases apart from its water system piping in the system; Because the factory power system (steam, compressed air), its pipes containing water. Because of the water affect the use of equipment.

I produced the separator is based on steam (gas) and the development of water of different densities and fluid state, it can be separated from the water, along a sloping wall after the gathering by a special drain port. Therefore, the separator can ensure that equipment used in steam (gas) of dry, which is particularly important for improving productivity and product quality, and you can extend the life of equipment and control valve. Water removal efficiency of gas-water separator, liquid water that can be removed 99% and small size, light weight, easy installation, pipe connections, suspension Setup. Effective, maintenance-free, good reliability, and separators for 20-year service life, produced by GB150 pressure vessel standards, safe and reliable, and matching, automatic drainage device or manual drainage, liquid level gauge; Stainless steel materials, can bear high pressure.

The conditions of using the separator: true quality; The correct pressure and temperature; Non-air and Non-Condensable gases; Cleaning; 5, dry steam must be kept dry: 1 steam containing water will reduce the available energy per unit mass. 2, steam containing water will increase film thickness of surface water in heat exchange equipment, and reducing the rate of heat transfer.

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