Water rescue equipment

Water rescue equipment

Product description:

Water rescue equipment

Water rescue unit is water rescue system terminal device is to hedge the water in case of emergency personnel, transport equipment nutrient solution provide the conditions.

System components:

Water rescue equipment for the mine water supply line should be connected to the emergency facilities, and set the water supply valve, quantity and pressure to meet the needs, access to the refuge chamber and 20 meters of water before rescue capsule hedge when the number of people rated pipeline to take protective measures.

This product is a refuge chamber supporting the use of mine water supply system. The overall use of stainless steel products designed for poor water quality in the coal mine, through five filters, greatly improving water quality, drinking water taste so sweet and delicious, better than the national drinking water quality water health standards. water rescue system is one of the more important system six coal mine emergency shelter system in order to prevent underground in the event of catastrophe, to ensure that affected personnel in harsh underground environment, health and safety of drinking water to drink, and in accordance with national relevant requirements and Ministry of Health (life drinking water water processor health and safety standards) {2001} requirements, to achieve high-quality, ultra-filtration water purifier. The products are reliable, advanced technology, beautiful and convenient, adaptable, especially suitable for Once the coal mine disaster occurred, to ensure the safety and health of people trapped drink drinking water.

The main principle :

Jining one hundred million coal Machinery Equipment Co. water rescue unit whose main principle is to use the more popular water filtration advanced technology as the core assembly .pp cotton filter, granular activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter, super post-activated carbon filter membrane five filtration process (1, PP cotton filter: can effectively remove the water relatively fine impurities, including rust, sludge, gum, etc. 2, granular activated carbon filter: filtered water, chlorine, chloroform and other chemical substances and different . color odor 3, compressed activated carbon filter: once again minor impurities in water, chemical substances precision filter 4, ultrafiltration membrane: pore size of 0.01 micron effective removal of rust, bacteria and other contaminants by ultrafiltration filtered water can be drunk directly. (raw water for municipal tap water) 5, activated carbon: further deep adsorption of harmful substances; adjust the taste of water; effluent sweet and delicious) capable of all kinds of impurities, rust, sludge, jelly, suspended solids, organic matter. chlorine and other substances several filters, and can bacteria, Harmonia odor substances, tiny contaminants adsorbed effectively removing harmful substances, greatly improve the regulation of the water purification water quality sweet and delicious. It was identified after filtration The water quality in full compliance with national drinking water safety and health standards. This product also has a beautiful appearance, easy installation, fashion, economical, and reliable security features.

Technical Parameters :

1. Water pressure: 0.1-0.5 MPa;

2. Water quality: municipal tap water;

3. The use of ambient temperature: 5-45 ℃;

4 out of water: 7 L / min;

5. From Aquatic water: 500L / min;

6. water connection: ф10-ф25 high pressure hose connector or joint seat (customer needed Choose one);

7. Water fittings: taps directly with the 1-6 lead to 1-6 root water hose or take out.

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