Mine vacuum stretcher | Mine insulation blanket

Mine vacuum stretcher | Mine insulation blanket

Product description:

Mine Mine vacuum insulation blanket stretcher

Product Description: Mine windbreaks; mine explosion-proof tools; lifeline; stretcher; negative stretcher; liaison rope; mine pneumatic splint; insulation blanket; high voltage pulse extinguishing apparatus; mine fire water cannon pulse; pulse water gun; lifeline; canvas windbreaks; liaison rope; lead line; lifesaving oxygen chamber; bricklaying tools; rapid obturator; column rescue cushions; rescue chute

A mining stretcher: a supporting role to provide fixed orthopedic patients fracture site is simple to operate, fast, strong protection.

Second, the negative pressure mine stretcher: orthopedic fracture patients body parts provide a fixed supporting role is simple, use the shortcut, protection, and can be subjected to X-ray imaging and MRI, to avoid the transfer process due to the injured. Mobile fracture aggravated the injury, can effectively prevent improper handling site and sent to hospital cause secondary injury process, to prevent the fracture fragments stabbed muscles, nerves, blood vessels or dirty and cause pain, bleeding, and even shock occurs played an important protective role. (inflatable can be used for water rescue equipment) is particularly applicable to emergency scene of the accident, population orthopedic fracture, is a medical emergency organization, rescue, military, earthquake rescue, fire rescue, industrial and mining enterprises, maritime rescue, sports teams , transportation and construction industries essential first aid equipment.
Special pump: Connect one end of the connection pipe exhaust port, and the other end connected to the gas nozzle valve fixed cushion, with their feet stepped on the base side ring by holding the handle up and down tics, removing air cushion is fixed in a vacuum state .
Third, the mine explosion-proof tools: made of high-strength copper alloy; tensile strength ≥105kg / m; hardness: HRC greater than 35. applied due to sparks which may cause an explosion workplace, including hammers, axes, picks,. shovel, drill, etc. are widely used in mine rescue rescue.
Fourth, mining insulating blanket

Insulation blankets, insulation blankets internationally is actually made with foil, usually long and two meters wide and 1.8 meters. Folded size is cigarette, lighter than a pack of cigarettes. Do not underestimate this insulation blanket, Its role can be big.

Insulation blanket (1) Insulation: insulation blanket insulation should the name suggests, the cold, which was wrapped in cold parts of the body or pod, may reflect the body comes out of the heat, heat insulation effect.

(2) First aid: hypothermia exacerbate the injured injury, wrapped the blanket is a kind of protection for wounded patients.

(3) Reflective: the wild were killed, the insulation blanket around him, using its role reflective help rescue workers find the target.

This magic carpet to provide life-saving rain, wind, heat, cold barrier. It is extremely lightweight and flexible, able to claim to live 90% of body temperature in cold. It can even reflect light in the heat, can inhibit the loss of temperature reaction

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