Automatic non-pressure damper

Automatic non-pressure damper

Product description:

Automatic non-pressure damper

Automatic non-pressure damper

Automatic non-pressure damper Products: automatic throttle control system for use in single or double-leaf fan, pedestrians, traffic or people car sharing and other facilities at the automatic throttle control, throttle control two or three in a methane and coal dust explosion mixture, but no damage to insulation corrosive gases occasions.

Automatic non-pressure damper Features: The throttle is controlled by the automatic control system means the host, intrinsically safe infrared sensor, intrinsically safe mining throttle opening and closing state sensor, the mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe voice alarm, mine explosion-proof solenoid valve. The host for the infrared sensor, throttle opening and closing state sensor provides intrinsically safe power supply, provide a passive point of control signals for the external audible language speakers. After installation, the damper can meet the requirements of the anti-wind, reliable manpower in the mine power failure opening and closing the throttle, easy installation, safe and reliable.

Strong safety performance; automatic closing time adjustable throttle; the throttle effectively prevent the occurrence of damage and injury accident;

With voice, indicating light dual alarm mode;

Having software between two throttle; dual locking hardware; eliminate the two throttle open simultaneously possible; to ensure production safety;

The system is simple; cable with plug connections between the components of aviation; easy installation; maintenance;

The use of digital technology; reliable action; anti-jamming;

Security is strong; with automatic; manual operation mode; avoiding the blackout; open inconvenient problem caused by the wind stopped;

According to customer requirements, can be infrared sensors, photoelectric switches on the radio, to provide throttle open signal.

Automatic non-pressure damper technical parameters

Operating voltage AC127V

Operating current ≤350mA

Rated frequency 50Hz

The maximum allowable input voltage AC140V

Intrinsically safe voltage DC12.3V

Intrinsically safe current 380mA

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