Mine intrinsically safe signal cards

Mine intrinsically safe signal cards

Product description:

Mine intrinsically safe signal cards

Under supply factory direct signal traffic signal indicator cards mine safety signs identifying information display graphic logo

KXH16 * 16 signal is intrinsically safe mining for coal mine licensing, traffic signals can be used as an indicator, it can display the appropriate content based bus commands or open entry status.

The main function:

With real-time information display that can show different graphic logo according to the bus commands or open inlet state;

Content with the red and green color graphics or simple text and other fixed; flashes; red and green to switch the display mode;

You can correlate Tired Car Transportation monitoring system; real-time display of roadway traffic traffic situation; reach dispatching vehicles; to ensure smooth transportation purposes;

Display board set via DIP switch baud rate, address and other parameters, the scene is set is simple and convenient.

Mine intrinsically safe signal cards Technical parameters:

16 * 16 dot matrix, red and green, red and green color display has a content or simple graphic characters and other fixed, flashing, switch the display can display red, green, circular, forward, left to right direction arrows, etc. Graphics

Graphics, configuration information may be stored down

485: Master-slave; half-duplex; baud rate 1200/4800 bps optional

External Control Port: 2-way switch input, control signal board display

Power supply: DC 15 V, current ≤150 mA

Dimensions: 170 * 220 * 60 mm

Weight: 2.5 kg

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