Mine rescue capsule

Mine rescue capsule

Product description:

Mine rescue capsule

system structure

Mine rescue capsule consists of the following nine section

1, security system

2, oxygen supply security system

3, air purification and temperature and humidity regulation system

4. Environmental Monitoring System

5, the air curtain and the positive pressure keeping system

6, the communication system

7, lighting indicating system

8, the power supply system

9, life-support systems

Cabin composition

1) airlock

Airlock system uses a key control, easy to operate. Set between the airlock and protective door living spaces, when officers entered the airlock, open air curtain colleagues, to prevent external toxic gases into the living spaces with the staff.

2) Living spaces

The main living spaces provide living space for the underground personnel during disasters; telecommunications equipment; food; water; configuration support system; air purification system

Systems, temperature and humidity control system, environmental monitoring systems.

3) equipment cabin equipment cabin air conditioning apparatus main place, spare batteries, communication systems, and environmental monitoring equipment.

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