ZYJ (A) self-help water supply device of mine air pressure

ZYJ (A) self-help water supply device of mine air pressure

Product description:

ZYJ (A) self-help water supply device of mine air pressure

ZYJ (A) self-help water supply device of mine air pressure applied to the underground once disaster occurs, to ensure that affected personnel in harsh underground environment, health and safety of drinking water to drink and Hu breathe fresh air, to ensure the safety of life, waiting for rescue. The device uses PVC alloy capillary ultrafiltration membrane with the international advanced level, accuracy of 0.01 micron filter can completely filter out bacteria, viruses, colloid, rust and other impurities, and can effectively remove the water of chlorine and heavy metals. can serve to reduce fossil fouling role unique vertical cross-flow filtration principle, throttling, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. This device has a stable pressure regulator, manual adjustment of pressure, three silencers filtration, drainage, sanitation and dustproof and other functions, with Light quality mask, Hu suck no smell. Hu inhaler equipped with a total pressure gauge, you can always monitor the overall pressure values ​​for oxygen, each individually configured Hu suction vacuum filter valve, filter the air in the water, impurities, oil, etc., reduce pressure wind noise, precise control of air pressure, so that workers be comfortable Hu suck.

Technical parameters:

No. Name Specification

1 Water pressure 0.1-0.5Mpa

2 Turbidity (10NTU

3 Temperature 5-45 ℃

4 filter life 2 years

5 from aquaculture water 500L / h

6 System supply pressure 0.3-0.7Mpa

7 Hu suction pressure adjustment range 0.05-0.08MPa (manual pressure regulator)

8 Hu Haustorium gas volume range 30-55L / min

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