CYB25 type coal with oxygen detection alarm

CYB25 type coal with oxygen detection alarm

Product description:

CYB25 Type coal with oxygen detection alarm

Coal with oxygen detection alarm

Mine detection of oxygen content in the oxygen concentration of oxygen

Model CYB25 type coal with oxygen detection alarm is a new generation of intelligent detector can continuously detect explosive environment flammable gas mixture of oxygen concentration. Equipment imported electrochemical sensor, with sound and light alarm clock , voltage display, voltage alarm, continuous long working hours, adjusting, easy to use features.

Features Main technical indicators

Item Specification

Measuring range 0 to 25%

Error (± 3%

Alarm intermittent audible alarm

Response time ≤20 seconds

Sensor Life) 24 months (imported electrochemical)

The battery pack Ni-Mh1800mAh

Continuous working time) seven days

Explosion-proof type ExibⅠ

Protection class IP54

4 LED Display

Dimensions 128 * 62 * 28mm

Weight 0.2kg

Ancillary equipment monomer, 10 combination charger

Product certification inspection certificate proof certificate

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