Mine intrinsically safe flash red taillight

Mine intrinsically safe flash red taillight

Product description:

Mine intrinsically safe flash red taillight

Flashing red taillight taillights taillight mine locomotive red taillight mine intrinsically safe red taillights locomotive red taillight

Mine intrinsically safe flash red taillight with reliable performance, reasonable structure, easy to use, long life, etc., is one of the preferred device to prevent rear-end locomotives and remind pedestrian safety. Mine intrinsically safe flash red taillight circuit (hereinafter referred to as red taillight) for the mining intrinsically safe, non-rechargeable flash red taillights in the underground mainly used in underground mines tail overhead line electric car and battery car runtime warning signal can also be used as a fixed warning signals. using a typical non- steady state circuit, greatly simplifying the hardware circuit, reducing power dissipation, a charge, working up to 50 hours, to improve the reliability of the line, reducing the faulty hardware circuit, to extend the life of the battery pack. Flashing red striking signal is to ensure the safety of underground locomotive and ideal facilities. explosion-proof type is intrinsically safe mine

Use of the environment

1. red taillight normal operating conditions as: a) Temperature: -5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃; b) the average relative humidity: less than 95% (+ 25 ℃); c) Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa ~ 106kPa; d) explosive gas without destroying the insulating gas.

2 red tail lights can withstand the harshest storage conditions: a) high temperature: + 60 ℃; b) low temperature: -40 ℃; c) the average relative humidity: 95% (+ 25 ℃); d) Vibration: Acceleration 50m / s2; e) Impact: Peak acceleration 500m / s2

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