Mine sound and light signal devices

Mine sound and light signal devices

Product description:

Mine sound and light signal devices

KXH-127 Hearing the sound and light signals Mine communication sound and light signals sound and light signal devices mine communications Acoustic sound and light signals and light signals the latest price

Hearing the sound and light signals are set RBI button, explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof electric bell, tee junction box as one, replace the RBI buttons and tee junction box, and use bright light-emitting diode and replaced mine explosion proof lights and speakers compartment Explosion bell; to achieve a transmitted signal, the received signal, simplex intercom as one of the coal mine special equipment, special equipment is an important coal mine.

1. Send signal: Press the flameproof signal button to send the signal (RBI) to each station this station and even machines.

2. Receiving signal: each station is connected to any machine can receive a signal transmitted, audible signal) 85dB through the speaker issued within 30 meters and visible light signal by light emitting diodes.

3. simplex intercom: this means without changing existing power and wiring situation, realize the power line carrier intercom function.

1, communication sound and light signals suitable for the size of the coal mine winches, belts, etc. is used as a signal contact is currently using electromagnetic bell coal mine, combined sound and light bell replacement products. 2, the power supply voltage of 127V or 36V two kinds . achieve through the power connection carrier intercom communications by mining moisture and high volume speaker sound and light signals emitting diodes.

3, the communication has taken power FM carrier, anti-interference ability, transmission distance, good communication effect.

4, the product movement with epoxy encapsulation, moisture vibration-proof and long service life.

5, the signal at a distance of not more than 2000 meters conversation, online does not exceed the number of units under 10, the RBI signal loudness not less than 85dB.

6, intercom function: the unit of each line signal is half-duplex intercom mode; press any one intercom button and speech, all other online annunciator can not be less than 80dB of sound.

No. Technical indicators specific parameters

1 Operating voltage 36V / 127V

2 Working current ≤2A

3 sound level intensity ≥85 dB

4 Maximum transmission distance 2km

5 of the optical signal from the bright lights visible 30m

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