Refuge chamber | refuge chamber system

Refuge chamber | refuge chamber system

Product description:

Refuge chamber refuge chamber system

Refuge chamber means provided in the shaft bottom; horizontal roadway; the mining area (extent) Escaping Route, has dedicated roadway underground chamber in the emergency functions serve the entire mine, horizontal or mining area, permanent refuge chamber length of service is generally not less than 5 years.


Refuge chamber is mainly composed of the main structure and the internal system components main structure consists of: passage, the transition of chamber (including the first wall and the second channel closed doors closed doors and walls), staff lounge; partition walls; equipment Chamber ( site load hooks), leading to the ground and underground pipelines supplying hole trench. refuge chamber internal system mainly consists of oxygen supply security systems, air purification and temperature and humidity control system, environmental monitoring systems, communication systems, tunnel interior lighting and indication system, dynamic security system, life-support systems, spare self-help and other components.


Refuge chamber with air pressure, air pressure, oxygen tubing, supplied oxygen bottles and insulated compressed oxygen self-rescuer oxygen system composed of three levels of support system. Conditions permitting, mine, could also be established as a refuge chamber surface boreholes provided Another road is more rugged and reliable life line has effective air purification and temperature and humidity control system, cabin air can protect and concentration of harmful gases to meet the requirements of the relevant provisions of the State within the rated time protection; use ice storage cooling method, the cooling rate and be able to adjust the amount of cooling control can survive cave indoor environmental parameters for real-time monitoring, display and limit alarm, and is able to tunnel outdoor environmental monitoring functions. adopt refuge chamber indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring system run independently.

Indoor refuge chamber is provided with a through-mine control room telephone, to ensure smooth and reliable communications. Conditional mine choose to join the Chamber of internal video surveillance equipment, in order to better internal environment of the Chamber and staff to understand the situation.

Refuge chamber equipped with lighting equipment ensures rated conditions of lighting needs. Refuge chamber interior with an independent power supply system, in case of loss of external power supply of life-saving refuge chamber internal power supply to maintain energy refuge chamber rated operating under required, and the safety factor of not less than 1.2 times.

Refuge chamber interior is equipped in the nominal rated guard time required for the survival of food and drinking water, and the safety factor of not less than 1.2 times; with emergency relief needed medical equipment, including first aid kits, etc; with emergency repairs and disassembly Toolbox required, fire extinguishers and so on; set up human waste treatment plant.

No. Requirements Parameter

1 rated protection: 20 to 100 people

2 Rated protection time:) 96h

3 closed door impact protection force:) 0.3 MPa

4 pressure air outlet pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.3 MPa

5 refuge chamber indoor O2 concentration: 18.5% to 23%

6 refuge chamber indoor CO2 concentration: ≤1%

7 refuge chamber indoor CO concentrations: (24ppm

8 refuge chamber indoor temperature: ≤35 ℃

9 refuge chamber indoor humidity: ≤85%

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