P-90B rake bucket machine, P90B rake installed, P90B rock loader

P-90B rake bucket machine, P90B rake installed, P90B rock loader

Product description:

P-90B rake bucket machine; P90B rake installed; P90B rock loader

Rake bucket machine; rake installed; picking machines; Cinder machine; rock loader; P90B picking machines; P90B Cinder machine

Jining Coal Machinery Equipment Co., one hundred million to do the main rock loader Heilongjiang, Gansu rock loader, rock rake bucket loading machine, winch mine rake, rake bucket rock loader, scraper, tub, electric scraper.

Rock rock complete function, to dangerous rock, chisel top, trimming, trenching and other operations, which aggregates push plate mechanism enabling the aggregate more focused, more convenient loading Pa. It is not only up the hill at 30 ° or less , down the tunnel rock, you can also parallel operations tunneling process.
Rock loader can be used in underground tunneling and mining useful minerals in place, as well as the mineral loaded carts. At the same time it can also be used to ground the load loose materials. Its applicable to mines, railway tunnels, culverts and other hydraulic department.
Rock loader sealed lubricated track, walking track shoe unit, pin sets and other sports Deputy Commissioner were confirmed by quenching, long life, wear-resistant, easy to adjust the tension caterpillar whose Bucket lip made of special materials, high strength, wear resistance, long service life.

Former rock loader operation should be prepared

1, must watering and flushing Bangding front rake bucket rock work on the waste rock or coal pile.
2, asked to help knock the top, clean living environment Bangding remove refuse.
3, install good fixed wedge, tail wheel hung in the Face above the rock heap 800-1000mm, hit wedge eyes, eyes fixed number depending on the width of the roadway, about 1m away from the eye, the eye should be longer than deep wedge 50-100mm , and down with 5 ° -10 ° tilt. After eye wedge lay the coal pneumatic drill or evacuation drill pipe and feng shui to Face. First wedge placed in the eye, and then insert the wedge tight, then hammer tight. first tail wheel hung in the middle of the wedge ring, ready to rake rock loader heap Central rocks.
4, check the card rail fastening reliable driver from the operating side of the alley wall is not less than 700mm.
5. Check whether all lubrication oil suitable, no leakage, electrical equipment when watering should be properly covered in the ceiling.
6, check the guide wheels, tail wheel suspension is correct and secure. Pulley rotating flexible, rope wear, broken wires exceeds a predetermined, neatly arranged on the drum, brake band between elastic appropriate.

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